Te Wai Mauri Trust has established a nursery adjacent to Waiōhiki Marae.

This is the second year of funding for the Ahika Nursery, which has received funding in 2020 and 2022.

The goal is to build the capabilities of the nursery to produce up to 100,000 seedlings within a three-year timeframe which will lead to job creation for the Waiōhiki community.

These seedlings will be grown from seeds gathered within the local catchment areas to enhance the biodiversity of the riparian planting plans underway.

Te Wai Mauri Trust has appointed ten Kaitiaki Rangers mostly from within the Waiōhiki community, to provide Kaitiakitanga environmental service within the district including fencing, riparian and wetland planting and pest control.

The goal is for the Kaitiaki Rangers to be planting locally sourced and grown seedlings from their own nursery to help restore the taiao. 

Pictured: Kaitiaki Rangers


For further information about the Trust and what projects might be suitable for funding, please contact: environmentaltrust@panpac.co.nz