• New project to aid in the pest control activities to control ungulates (deer, goats, pigs).
  • Ground level data will be collected such as signs of ungulates, damage to native plants and plant Identification in the area. This data will aid with the primary aim of the project.
  • Primary aim is to identify, create and clear paths in strategic locations of Te Heru O Tureia to aid field workers in current and future pest management.
  • Two field staff will be appointed to work in unison:
  1. to identify and mark out tracks
  2. chainsaw/scrub bar operator to follow and clear the identified tracks
  • New tracks to enable a larger area to be covered by future pest control efforts while ensuring the workers remain safe.
  • Previous work included building enclosures to protect ngutukākā (kākābeak) the aim was and still is to preserve, restore, respect, and enhance the areas environmental and cultural values.


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