The Forest Lifeforce Restoration Trust is a Charitable Trust established in 2006 to oversee ecological restoration work across 23,000ha of privately owned land, within the Hawke’s Bay hinterland.

Funding from Pan Pac Environmental Trust will be used to chainsaw wilding pines from regenerating areas mainly clad in native species in the Maungataniwha Pine Forest, which abuts the southern boundary of the Maungataniwha Native Forest. When completed, the project will return 4,000 hectares of the Hawke’s Bay hinterland back into native forest cover. The adjacent Maungataniwha Kiwi Project is the most productive in the country and the new native forest cover will provide ideal habitat for dispersing offspring. Without intervention, the Maungataniwha Pine Forest will simply revert to a wilding pine forest with limited biodiversity.


For further information about the Trust and what projects might be suitable for funding, please contact: