• Continuation of an existing project, which has received PPET funding annually since 2020.
  • Continued care of wild sourced Ngutukākā collection and provision of wild sourced genetics into other collections.
  • Recovery of seed and cutting material from project plants, replacement of lost seeds and propagated plants and collection stock due to Cyclone Gabrielle.
  • Funding will go towards continuing all current processes including seed care, propagation, distribution of plants, expanding networks, ongoing research, continued publicity avenues and all required follow ups.
  • Project provides support to species recovery and tui nectar sources and related regional biodiversity gains and bird presence by:
  1. Promoting success of Ngutukākā recovery by locating plants in sites safe from browsing damage, where they can be effectively cared for, to yield expanded seed and cuttings supply for preservation of this species. 
  2. Identifying suitable planting locations in secure urban, park or collections to spread risk.
Pictured: Reece O’Leary from the Pan Pac Environmental Trust with James Powrie and Marie Taylor from the Kākābeak/Ngutukākā programme.


For further information about the Trust and what projects might be suitable for funding, please contact: environmentaltrust@panpac.co.nz